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June 1, 2014

Greetings Folks,
The Amateur Ski Instructors Association was formed in 1980 as a 501(c)3 corporation with the mission to fill the need within ski councils and clubs "to train and certify candidates interested in teaching skiing at the amateur level, promote skiing safety, and provide continuing education." That mission has been fulfilled over the last 34 years.

ASIA has certified thousands of folks, who have in turn shared their passion for the sport with countless others. I am forever grateful and proud that I have had the great pleasure and enjoyment of leading ASIA over that time, and sharing my passion for skiing and teaching with so many of those of folks myself.

I sent a missive to the Board of Directors on April 23 announcing my retirement, and at a May 10th meeting of the ASIA Board of Directors, the Board voted to accept my resignation as of May 31, 2014, the end of the current ASIA fiscal year. At that time the Board also voted unanimously to dissolve the Amateur Ski Instructors Association as of May 31, 2014, in accordance with the ASIA Constitution and Bylaws.

While dissolution may come as a surprise, with the changing face of snowsports clubs in general, there is no longer a call for amateur certification. Once the mission of an organization has been completed, it is time to dissolve.

ASIA has existed due to the incredible volunteer support of the many people who have remained dedicated to the mission. I am so thankful for the support of the Board of Directors past and present, for their selfless sharing of their time and expertise. Thanks too, for the dedication of the many founding and long time ASIA members as well as newer members, who continued to send dues and donations even though they hadn't been on snow for many years. Ski clubs and councils have added their support over the 34 years also.

Thanks to the many program coordinators and other volunteers who made ASIA training programs possible, accessible and fun. Kudos to the many ASIA and PSIA course conductors who have helped our members advance their skills by sharing their considerable knowledge of the sport with ASIA students freely and completely. They have formed the core of the ASIA training. For sure, it has always been what happened on the snow that kept members coming back for more, and has made ASIA great!

ASIA has been a PSIA/AASI Member School. For those ASIA certified members who would like to continue their education or consider professional certification, contact the Professional Ski Instructors of America in Albany, NY at 518-452-6095 or visit their website at to find about their programs and certification offerings.

It has been a short walk, and a great 34 year run! Once again my sincerest thanks to all who have kept the ASIA spirit alive since 1980. I've always said, "It's all down hill left and right." May you be blessed with never ending powder turns, left and right, left and right.
My best wishes to all,

Bill Hornbeck
Executive Director

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